Inspiration comes from many places but there are themes that I return to often. I seek out the details of nature, from my own garden and from the rural landscape around me. I gather shapes from leaves and flowers, twigs and feathers, insect wings and fish scales. I gather textures from bark and stones, water and clouds, leaf veins, petal skins and butterfly wings.

I am also inspired by textiles and the stylised patterns of nature, I gather patterns from old and new fabrics, old ceramics, embossed papers, man made metal, architectural details and elsewhere, I take my own photographs, all of which go into etching or embossing my silver.

Some inspiration comes out of the blue and is very insistent that it is made. Wherever it comes from I always sit down with my sketch book and work through the ideas until they come out as my designs.

About Me

From 1996-1999 I attended Kootenay School of the Arts in British Columbia, Canada, studying under Paul Leathers in the Jewellery design program. In 1999 I set up Anna Clark Studio and started making jewellery by hand, using silver, gold, gemstones and acrylic. Over the next 12 years I regularly exhibited my work and won awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Crafts Council of BC and the Metal Arts Guild of Canada.

After attending an Enamellist Society conference in Oakland, California in 2009 and studying under Barbara Minor and Gretchen Goss I introduced vitreous enamels into my work and I continue to specialise in enamel and silver jewellery today.

In 2012 I returned to live in the United Kingdom from where I originally come. I have a beautiful newly constructed studio in the village of Cowden, in the Kent countryside. I continue to make jewellery by hand, custom pieces, one of a kind, and limited edition silver and enamel pieces. I have recently started to learn hand-engraving and have studied under Jane Short MBE at West Dean College and Brighton.