Handmade Jewellery for Individuals
All my jewellery is handmade in Cowden, UK.
I specialise in enamel jewellery in silver and enamel.
I offer custom service in gold or silver, enamel or gemstones.

I have always been a maker. My fingers itch to be making something and my brain constantly swirls with ideas for new things to make. I am a perfectionist - a gift and a curse. In making jewellery I get great pleasure from creating small intimate treasures for other people to love and wear and give.

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand in my studio. Before I start work in the precious metal I open my sketch book to draw and design and plan, only then do I go to the work bench. The techniques I use are varied and include enamelling, engraving, die forming, etching, piercing, rolling, soldering, and stone setting.

Currently I work designing and making jewellery in my studio in Cowden, Kent UK. I make limited editions, one of a kind pieces and custom pieces. Please click here for current news from my studio and where to buy my work.